How CoronaVirus is Transmitted


It is important to note that Doctors believe the following:
1) That the CoronaVirus infection can be passed to you from people who are yet to show any symptoms of the disease.
2) The incubation period of CoronaVirus is from 2 - 14 days. During this period the victim will show no symptoms of the disease.
3) That the CoronaVirus infection can be passed to you from animals and their bodily fluids and excretions. 
4) That you can get infected with the CoronaVirus through your eyes.

We know that the CoronaVirus is transmitted via an infected person's mucus or saliva. When an infected person sneezes, droplets of infected saliva and mucus are propelled into the air, directly landing on or being directly inhaled by potential victims. These germ carrying droplets also land on diverse surfaces that victims then touch with their hands or clothing. Once the germs are on a victim's hands, it is all too easy for them to make their way to their face, mouth and eyes, where the germs will enter the victim's blood stream and infect them with the deadly virus.

Furthermore, an infected person will be covered with their own germs, so anything that they touch, sit on or rub against will leave germs behind ready to infect an unsuspecting victim.

It is so easy for a victim to pass germs that are on their hand to their mouth or eyes, simply by touching these areas with their hand. This is a human action that we all do multiple times every hour.

What Precautions and Protections are advisable?

When the situation in the USA and the world becomes more critical, you may wish to take heed of the following advice. You will have to use your intuition to know when the right time is to take precautions. When you see a photo of China, you see every single person wearing protective gear. There will come a time when Americans will be doing this. Please make sure that when that time comes, you are prepared. That means stocking up with the equipment right now. As time goes on, these masks and equipment will get harder if not impossible to buy. Stocks in the USA are ALREADY almost sold out!! Can you believe it!!

1) Make sure that your whole body is covered from top to bottom. Wear long sleeve tops, long trousers, long socks and shoes.

2) Wear protective washable gloves. You can buy these here:

3) Wear Anti Virus Full Head Protection Mask. Full head masks can be bought here:

4) Wear eye protection goggles. You can buy these here:

5) You should avoid touching any part of your body with your hands. Wearing gloves discourages you from doing this, as does keeping your whole body covered from head to toe.

6) Replace all the items that you are wearing as many times as possible, with a clean washed item. If you have multiple pieces of each protective product, you will be able to rotate and wash them accordingly.

7) Remember that the CoronaVirus can be passed to you from a person not showing any symptoms, and that it can infect you through your eyes, and that the virus can pass to you from animals such as dogs or cats. Remember that you may not be able to easily see animal urine or other excretions.