FREE SHIPPING - Anti Virus Face Mask
FREE SHIPPING - Anti Virus Face Mask
FREE SHIPPING - Anti Virus Face Mask
FREE SHIPPING - Anti Virus Face Mask

FREE SHIPPING - Anti Virus Face Mask

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  • PM2.5 Respiratory Nano Particle Filter.
  • Provides better than N95 Filtration at 99.88%.
  • 6 layer filtration system including an activated carbon layer.
  • Respiratory Nano Particle Filter, prevents you from inhaling even the smallest airborne particles including all droplets that may be carrying the CoronaVirus or other pathogens.
  • Prevents you touching your mouth with potentially virus laden hands.
  • One way breathing valve allows easy exhalation and prevents the build up of moisture.
  • Adjustable nose bridge creates a tight seal.
  • Sturdy behind the head fully adjustable fastening strap, allows a really powerful and secure fit for most head sizes. A perfect fit may not be achieved with extremely large head sizes.
  • Ultimate ergonomic design for supreme comfort.
  • Washable. However after repeated washing, the filter may become less effective. Replacement filters can be bought here.
  • Exterior made from an advanced nylon mesh that protects the Respiratory Nano Particle Filter.


This Product is part of our Comprehensive Anti Viral Protection Solution

1) Anti Virus Face Mask

2) Full Head Protector

3) Protection Goggles

4) Protection Gloves

The Anti Virus face masks with their respiratory nano particle filters, prevent you from inhaling any tiny infected airborne particles and will comfortably fit under the Anti Virus Full Head Protector.

The Full Head Protector protects your hair, head, face, nose, mouth and neck region.

The Protection Goggles protect your eyes. There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that the you can get infected with the CoronaVirus through your eyes.

The Protection Gloves prevent the virus getting on bare hands. Gloved hands are less likely to be rubbed on eyes, faces and mouths and they can be taken off and washed easily.

To maintain the integrity of this protection, all items should replaced with a clean version as frequently as possible. If you have multiple units of each, they can be rotated and washed accordingly.

Please understand that no physical solution can ever guarantee 100% protection against contracting CoronaVirus or any other highly contagious disease. All we can do, is be as sensible as possible, using the knowledge that we have at our disposal.



It is important to note that Doctors believe the following:
1) That the CoronaVirus infection can be passed to you from people who are yet to show any symptoms of the disease.
2) The incubation period of CoronaVirus is from 2 - 14 days. During this period the victim will show no symptoms of the disease.
3) That the CoronaVirus infection can be passed to you from animals and their bodily fluids and excretions. 
4) That you can get infected with the CoronaVirus through your eyes.

We know that the CoronaVirus is transmitted via an infected person's mucus or saliva. When an infected person sneezes, droplets of infected saliva and mucus are propelled into the air, directly landing on or being directly inhaled by potential victims. These germ carrying droplets also land on diverse surfaces that victims then touch with their hands or clothing. Once the germs are on a victim's hands, it is all too easy for them to make their way to their face, mouth and eyes, where the germs will enter the victim's blood stream and infect them with the deadly virus.

Furthermore, an infected person will be covered with their own germs, so anything that they touch, sit on or rub against will leave germs behind ready to infect an unsuspecting victim.

It is so easy for a victim to pass germs that are on their hand to their mouth or eyes, simply by touching these areas with their hand. This is a human action that we all do multiple times every hour.